Introducing Our New Matrimonial Portal: A Community Endeavor

We extend a warm welcome to our community members, inviting you to freely utilize our Matrimonial Portal. Please read our guidelines below for matrimonial seekers and families.

Dear NRI Darji Community Residents,

We are delighted to introduce our brand-new Matrimonial Portal, a community-driven initiative aimed at fostering bonds and strengthening our community. As we embark on this noble endeavor, we want to provide you with some essential guidelines and information:

  1. Free of Cost: Our Matrimonial Portal is managed entirely free of cost by dedicated volunteer who are committed to supporting the community.

  2. Profile Submission: Prospective matrimonial seekers residing outside India are encouraged to reach us out for the addition of their profiles, and this service is also offered free of charge.

  3. Privacy Control: We respect your privacy. You have complete control over which information you wish to make public. We will only upload the information provided to us.

  4. Profile Creation: Due to the non-profit nature of this initiative, profile creation may take up to two weeks, as our volunteer/maintainer work on it when he has available time.

  5. Verification: While we strive to create a safe and welcoming platform, we encourage matrimonial seekers and families to conduct their own research and verification before finalizing any decisions. We do not verify the information posted on the portal.

  6. Our Noble Cause: Our motivation is solely to help, foster, and unite the community in Australia. This is a non-beneficial and altruistic endeavor, and we appreciate your support in this matter.

  7. Imperfections: Just like life itself, our portal may not be perfect. We are all on a journey towards peaceful coexistence and growth. If you come across any mistakes on the website, we kindly ask for your understanding.

We look forward to your participation in this community-driven effort to bring our Darji community together. Let's create lasting connections and celebrate love and togetherness.

Please note that this service is limited to matrimonial seekers residing in outside of India only.

Warm regards,

Darji Samaj Sydney